U6. Architecture as Heritage

In this unit we’re going to answer a set of the following questions :

What is heritage? – Why preserving heritage? – What should be preserved? – How to preserve?

It is a word that indicates the old historical and heritage buildings that are still to this day and that are part of our heritage and we must preserve them.

Cultural Heritage

This heritage consists of both tangible and intangible cultures, so first we’ll discuss the tangible (which are things like structures, monuments, landscapes, works of art, and artifacts) and the intangible (which are things like folklore, traditions, language, and knowledge).

Types of heritage

  • Intangible culture
  • Natural Heritage

Why preserving heritage?

There are some reason why we’re preserving heritage ,

First and foremost, heritage sites serve as a link to our past and each one has a significant history, which makes them crucial to the preservation of cultural heritage. This is because human awareness is evolving constantly.

What should be preserved?

It is important to preserve the built environment while also keeping in mind the artistic and historical significance of the past. Additionally, all aspects of the structure, including its design, colors, materials, surroundings, symbolic significance, and construction methods, must be conserved and cared for.

How to preserve?

It can be a positive aspect through heritage preservation , where wa can realis several advantages that heriatge can achieve .

  1.  Incubating Local Traditions & Values 

2.Developing Tourism & Diversifying Jobs

3 .Strengthening Community Inclusion & Intergenerational Equity .

4 . Improving Spatial Attractiveness and Property Values.