The impact of Morocco’s historic run at the World Cup

Impossible’ is not Moroccan

This sentence make me soo proud to be Moroccan

Morocco’s historic quarterfinal victory has the entire African continent and the whole Arab world in dreamland , Morocco has once again defied the odds. The students of «professor» Walid Regragui have once again demonstrated to the world what they are made of: blood and sweat, of course, just like everyone else, but with a remarkably generous amount of unity , Because, for the second time, the players on the field weren’t alone themselves. At the first World Cup in the Arab world, a tournament they have branded as their own, they had a loud crowd behind them from the first minute to the 98th.

The Moroccan fans were confident in their team’s abilities despite the scary array of talent in the lineup (Gonçalo Ramos, Ronaldo ,castagne,…)

And don’t forget the national anthem that shook the world

And also where a song was composed by the international artist RedOne and whose name was NIYA which is a famous word for the Moroccan coach WALID REGRAGUI

And because of this event , Morocco became the talk of the European and African press ,